Top 10 Black and White Patterned Tiles

Top 10 Black and White Patterned Tiles

If you love pattern and colour then decorative tiles are a great way to add interest and personality to your space, whether it be a kitchen splashback, front porch, powder room or bathroom.

Commonly known as ‘encaustic look’ tiles, where the pattern is made from different clay colours embedded into the design rather than painted on the surface, they have a handmade quality which brings a timeless appeal to any interior.

Black and white patterned tiles are classic, and a great way to keep a neutral palette while adding some pizazz to your space. They will look great with white and neutral coloured cabinetry, timber and greys and will really bring a sense of sophistication to your interiors.

We take a look at my top 10 black and white decorative patterned tiles that will really make a statement in your home.


#1. Artisan Range in Winchester Black 200x200mm C713-06

The Winchester is from Australian tile company Southern Cross Ceramics and completely designed and manufactured in Australia. The Artisan range has the look and feel of a hand made product, the slight variations in pattern and texture are what makes it unique and charming and all part of the design.

Four tiles put together will form the larger decorative shape, which lends itself well to traditional style homes or older homes that are being tastefully renovated and wanting to retain some of their heritage characteristics.

The Winchester comes in 26 colour variations incorporating muted beiges, blues, rustic reds, sage, greys and charcoal. The black colour uses two grey and charcoal colours within the pattern adding depth and detail to the black and white design.

#2. Pepper Range in Meridian Black Light 200x200mm C751-02

Another quality tile from Southern Cross Ceramics, the Peppa range are striking designs made for black and white designer looks.

Four tiles together will give you a scalloped black diamond centring a white circle, or a white four petaled flower on a black background, whichever your eye chooses to see first. The defined curves of this design lend itself to classic or contemporary bathroom designs with clean lines and bold shapes.

#3. Majorca Star White Matt 198x198x 8.5mm

The Majorca Star has a grey concrete base with a beautiful rustic worn style edge which brings a warmth to the design that pairs well with timber and raw materials. This aged quality will add character and timeless appeal to brand new spaces, and make them look like they have been lived in for years.

Majorca Star also comes in Eco Green, a soft grey green that works well with a lighter palette. Both colours suit a farmhouse or industrial influenced design with finishes that compliment concrete, timber and aged metal really well. Great for small spaces, as the design does not need a set of four to be completed.

#4. Da Vinci Medici 200x200mm MVG775

The intricate pattern of Da Vinci Medici tile is made up of adjoining triangles and circles which can also be seen as suns and stars or large white overlapping flowers. The repetition has a Moroccan influence and works well in small spaces where it can be viewed up close, such as a kitchen splashback or shower wall, almost like a wallpaper.

The rhythmic pattern is captivating while remaining subtle in it’s own way.

#5. The Greg Natale Pavimento Range Amalfi 200x200mm T37410

Part of Greg Natale’s first cement tile collection, Amalfi is a clean, contemporary geometric design in white grey and charcoal.  This tile works fantastically well with art deco influences, bold shapes and a touch of glamour with gold décor or fixtures.

Crisp bold colour choices and clean whites will make this tile sing of sophistication and luxury.

#6. Carlingford Encaustic Look Tile 200x200mm

This versitile tile design can be laid in a maze pattern, diamond pattern and two different size zig zags, all with a very contemporary, clean look.

Also available in white with black lines this porcelain tile has a defined edge and minimal grout is required on installation, giving you a tightly put together pattern with a crisp result.

#7. Tangier White with Black 200x200mm

This simple design works perfectly for a small space with a repeating pattern that provides texture and contrast for a prodominantly white bathroom or laundry. Also available in navy, black and silver, though we like how classic the black on white looks. It’s the perfect pattern for those wanting to add some interest and texture without going too extravagent.

A lovely idea to compliment a cute cottage or modern farmhouse style home, we don’t think you’ll get sick of this pretty petite tangier tile anytime soon!

#8. Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon marble Mosaic TCTX88G17PA

This stunning marble mosaic in a geometric pattern is perfect for a foyer or entry way, being a hardwaring natural material and a dark colour, it will hide stains and marks in your high traffic areas. Not to mention the complete luxe factor!

Marble floors are a great way to make a good first impression in your Entry, and the best thing is, you only need to use it in a small area which will be easier on the budget and give you that instant wow as you walk in the door.

A classic hexagon design in natural stone is a timeless choice, and this black and white colour combination is an absolute winner.

#9. Ella Terrazzo Encaustic Tile White & Black 200x200mm KAI59093

These handmade encaustic tiles are made using fine marble chips laid into cement to give you a beautiful terrazzo look as well as a gorgeous decorative hand poured pattern. The ultimate combination if you love terrazzo and handmade patterned tiles these are certainly designed to please!

The natural grey cement colour gives the design an age and petina that will transform your room adding timeless style and authenticity to your interior or exterior floors. Pair with aged timber, concrete, metal and other natural materials to enhance the raw and earthy characteristics of this unique tile.

#10. Evangeline Nero Marquina & Calacatta Polished Marble Tile Black and White Floral Mosaic

This natural stone mosaic fashions elegant petals of the highly sought after calacatta gold marble into a tesselating floral pattern with black marble contrasts. We love that this design is actually quite large for a mosaic, which means you get to see more of that beautiful grey and gold vein of the calacatta marble in the long petal shapes. Being a larger scale floral pattern it is great for larger spaces as well as small, without appearing too busy.

The soft warm marble tones invite you to add warmth with timber and neutrals in your styling. This one’s a showstopper wherever you choose to use it!










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