The Top 5 Timber Grain Colours for Joinery

The Top 5 Timber Grain Colours for Joinery

Timber look joinery has always been a popular way to bring warmth and natural beauty into the home, but at a much more accessible and cost effective alternative to actual solid timber.

Today, companies like Polytec and Laminex are leading the way by creating melamine products with depth of colour, amazingly realistic timber grain patterns and beautiful tactile textures that mimic real timber species exceptionally well. That’s why a timber look melamine is the perfect and practical choice if you’re designing new joinery and would like the warmth and appeal of timber without the hefty price tag and ongoing maintenance.

Due to the large range of colours, grains and textures of timber look melamine products available, it may be overwhelming and difficult to find the perfect one for your project. I have compiled a list of what I believe are the best timber looks on the market right now, from light to dark. Keeping in mind, there are new colours being developed and released to market all the time.

These timber colours are classic, versatile and will stand the test of time. I encourage you to visit the supplier websites and order yourself some free samples before coming to a final decision on your selection.

1) Laminex Classic Oak


Classic Oak is the culmination of much industry research and collaboration to achieve a natural looking light oak colour.  Samples of American Oak were selected for their even woodgrain and tone and expertly assembled to achieve a design with a subtle plank structure that incorporates soft tonal differences and an incredibly realistic grain pattern.

The appropriately named Classic Oak has been created to be a true and accurate representation of the popular light oak colour, becoming a well loved favourite in homes and commercial spaces across the country.  Paired with crisp whites, neutrals, or a dark and moody palette, the Classic Oak is a choice that won’t disappoint.

2) Polytec Boston Oak

A beautifully consistent tan coloured oak the Boston Oak is not too light and not too dark, it’s just right. It comes only in a Woodmatt finish, giving a very subtle amount of texture that adds to its authentic appeal, but is smooth enough to be easily wiped over for cleaning.

A favourite for it’s classic oak grain and true tan colouring, there are no yellow undertones here, making it a truly sophisticated choice and versatile pairing with warm neutrals, whites or greys. Where other oaks may get washed out when paired with black or darker tones, the Boston Oak holds it’s own and works just as well with bolder design choices.

3) Polytec Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak is one of the most loved and well known species of Australian timber. It is characterised by its warm glow of pink and peach tones and uniform grain which is captured especially well in the Polytec version of the same name. Available in both Matt and Woodmatt finishes to suit your application.

It is a great choice for more traditional designed homes, being able to compliment classic features like ornate cornice, wall panelling and other decorative features very well. However, it also works remarkably well when paired with black and white in a contemporary style home, as the rich colours of Tasmanian Oak are able to balance out the stark contrast and bring warmth and harmony to modern designs. My tip is Polytec Tasmanian Oak will endure the test of time and continue to be an Aussie favourite for years to come.

4) Polytec Florentine Walnut

Florentine Walnut is a rich chocolate brown timber colour with beautiful darker walnut grain running through it. Being a mix of a rustic feel with a refined finish, you could use this colour in a country farmhouse look, or it would be just at home in an industrial style paired with matt black and concrete finishes.

Florentine Walnut is the go-to brown timber colour if you’re looking for a solid robust or traditional  brown. Paired with a whites it gives a fresh take on a classic white kitchen; its earthy tone emphasised by the textured Woodmatt finish.

5) Polytec Bottega Oak

Bottega Oak is the tall dark and handsome of the timber grain family. It’s broad oak grain in Woodmatt finish is enhanced by the subtlety of the brown black base, with just the right amount of highlights throughout.

It’s distinct sophistication lends itself well to a clean black and white palette, and matt black fixtures only enhance this dark beauty even more. Rather than opting for a pure black woodgrain where you have to look quite close up to find the grain pattern, the Bottega Oak is the perfect alternative with it’s warm charcoal tone and just enough tonal variation to appreciate the natural oak grain. This one is sure to be a favourite for years to come.

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