The Top 10 Patterned (Encaustic) Tiles to add Colour & Style to your Bathroom

The Top 10 Patterned (Encaustic) Tiles to add Colour & Style to your Bathroom

If you love pattern and colour then decorative tiles are a great way to inject interest and personality to your bathroom. Paired with white or neutral tiles they will be the feature of your design, meaning you can spend less money on other elements in the room because you’ve already made an impression with your chosen patterned tile.

Commonly known as ‘encaustic look’ tiles, where the pattern is made from different clay colours embedded into the design rather than painted on the surface, they have a handmade quality which brings a timeless appeal and a pop of colour in a delightful and unexpected way.

We take a look at my top 10 patterned tiles to add colour and style to any bathroom.

#1. Artisan Fiesta Terra Gullwing Matt 200x200mm JH4G3-071

The Fiesta is from Australian tile company Southern Cross Ceramics and completely designed and manufactured in Australia. The Artisan range has the look and feel of a hand made product, the slight variations in pattern and texture are what makes it unique and charming and all part of the design.

Four tiles put together will form the larger decorative shape, which has an timeless spanish feel and would also be right at home in a rustic farmhouse style bathroom. The muted terra cotta, olive and pale blue tones add colour in a sophisticated way that is palatable so that you can pair with other muted feature tiles or neutrals.

The Fiesta also comes in 12 other colour variations incorporating soft greys, blues, charcoal, gold, browns and olives. This authentic design and the colour combinations available give this tile loads of potential to bring many bathroom styles to life.

#2. Artisan Fiore Brick Matt 200x200mm HD4H1-071

Another quality tile from Southern Cross Ceramics, the Fiore is a two tone design with Morrocan influence. The brick red brings a warmth that tones well with timber and gold accents and compliments neutral tiles with stone or soft terrazzo patterns very nicely.

Here we see the Fiore at it’s finest, used strategically on the upper half of the vanity wall, ensuring the right balance of pattern and neutral surfaces for optimal appeal. Gold fixtures and mustard towels are all that is needed to finish this stylish bathroom off perfectly.

#3. Versailles Mosaico White Matt 200x200mm 1232469


The Versailles is a unique mosaic look tile inspired by old world design with rambling curves coming together in a four tile pattern. The delicate balance of cool grey and terra cotta tones create a look that works beautifully with whites and timber accents.

Your bathroom will have a historic and ethereal quality of timeless beauty, perfect for older home renovations or period homes where you wish to keep the nostalgia in the materials you select.

#4. Serie Loft Tawny Satin 200x200mm 1207583

This pretty floral pattern hand painted in watercolour is the perfect choice for a boho inspired bathroom or laundry. It’s soft tones and handmade appeal compliment the natural textures of seagrass, rattan, timber and jute.

A summery carefree vibe you can play up or down, depending on where you want to take it. Combine with neutral colours and make it the hero of the room or layer with playful textures, complimentary colours and shapes and create your own personal style.

#5. Atlantic Collection Butterfly 200x200mm T38895

Part of the Atlantic Collection, designed in collaboration by world renowned designers and Italian designer tile makers Bisazza these retro look encaustic tiles will bring a designer edge any bathroom.

Handcrafted from concrete with natural variation in tone and texture, they emanate style and class.  The tones of blush pink and rust on a light grey background bring a playful warmth that could be accentuated further with feature tiles in pink penny rounds, vertical stacks or mosaics.

This tile also works beautifully with light coloured timbers, brushed nickel fixtures and matt finishes.

#6. Infinity Brighton King Tide 300x600mm H6P2L-202

This pressed metal look tile is a large format with rectified edge producing a seamless finish when laid close together. Suitable for wall application only, as the design has an effective 3D like effect due to the stamped application to create the look, it adds texture and interest to a traditional bathroom design.

The Infinity ranges comes in 21 beautifully chosen colours in Gloss and Satin Matt finishes, giving you so much choice and ensuring you get the exact shade you are after to suit your design. Make sure you pick a grout that is a similar or slightly darker match to the tile so it fades into the background and doesn’t distract you from the beautiful repetition of the circular patterns.

This pressed metal look tile would suit a traditional hamptons style home with classic features in a white or neutral palette.

#7. Valencia Porcelain Carme 200x200mm

A subtle pastel design in sage green, nude pink and beige, this pretty tile has a handmade look and feel with a beautiful matt finish and rustic edge detail.

This tile is best used in combination with tiles in similar soft tones to create a cohesive look and feel, so it doesn’t appear washed out and overpowered. Choose the sage green or the nude pink tone and wash the rest of the room in colour to enhance it’s overall appeal.

Brushed metal finishes like nickel are the perfect accompaniment to a pastel scheme as they won’t compete for attention, and will ensure the integrity of the overall subtle and delicate look and feel.

#8. Majorca Palm Springs Deep Blue Matt 198x198mm 1230908

The Majorca Palm Springs Deep Blue is a clean crisp navy and white pattern which is a favourite for coastal style bathrooms. Paired with clean whites and navy accents it is a classic look which won’t date.

Also available in pale green, grey, black and mid blue it’s distinctive pattern and matt finish would work well in an entryway or as a kitchen or laundry splashback.

#9. Artisan Macintosh Tundra Bone Matt 200x200 HJ6G7-071

This charming tartan style tile combines 4 tones of beige, grey and olive aligning nicely into a square crosshatch pattern.

Perfect for a casual rustic country retreat, paired with matt black fittings and timber, you may end up wanting to cover all the walls with this wallpaper style tile!

Available in 12 other classic colour combinations, all with a concrete texture and beautiful matt finish, you’ll find it hard to decide which one to choose!

#10. Picasso Lantern White 200x200mm

We love the simple pattern and classic colour combination of white grey and navy, which works beautifully well in a white and grey bathroom. A great choice for a feature tile, adding flair to an otherwise neutral space and you won’t need to spend the big bucks to get a stylish result.

Combine with concrete textures and matt finishes to achieve a contemporary look and feel, or use more bolder colour choices in your surrounding tiles and fixtures and vamp up the look to really show off your personal style. Either way, the Picasso Lantern tile is a versitile choice we know you’re going to love.


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