Our Top 10 Favourite Natural Rugs

Our Top 10 Favourite Natural Rugs

What are natural rugs?

Natural rugs are a great way to incorporate natural materials into your space, and they work especially well in Coastal, Scandi or Boho style interiors.

Natural rugs are made from natural fibres that come from various plant-based or animal-based sources. These rugs are known for their eco-friendly properties and often have a distinct and organic look. Some of the common natural fibres used in natural rugs include:

  1. Wool: Wool is one of the most popular natural fibres used in rug-making. It is sourced from sheep and is known for its softness, durability, and natural stain resistance. Wool rugs are warm and comfortable, making them ideal for colder climates.
  2. Cotton: Cotton is a versatile and widely available natural fibre. Cotton rugs are lightweight, easy to clean, and can come in various textures and weaves, such as flat-woven or braided.
  3. Jute: Jute is a plant fibre derived from the jute plant. Jute rugs have a natural, rustic appearance and add texture to a room. They are an eco-friendly choice as jute plants grow quickly and require minimal pesticides and fertilizers.
  4. Sisal: Sisal is a natural fibre obtained from the leaves of the agave sisalana plant. Sisal rugs have a durable and coarse texture, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.
  5. Seagrass: Seagrass rugs are made from plants that grow in marshes and coastal areas. They have a smooth texture and are resistant to stains and spills.
  6. Bamboo: Bamboo rugs are made from bamboo fibres, offering a sustainable and renewable option. They have a unique and exotic appearance.
  7. Hemp: Hemp rugs are made from the hemp plant's fibres, which are strong and durable. They are an environmentally friendly choice as hemp plants require little water and no pesticides.

Natural rugs are prized for their sustainable and biodegradable nature, making them an excellent option for eco-conscious individuals. They also add a touch of nature and organic charm to a room, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and healthy living space. However, it's essential to note that some natural fibres may have specific care requirements and may not be as stain-resistant or soft as synthetic alternatives.

Here are our top 10 natural rugs and how best to use them in your interior:

  1. Borneo Jute Woven Rug Natural

A good jute rug is a styling staple to add instant texture and natural beauty. The Borneo rug is hand woven in a basket weave and the natural variations in colour only add to its charm. The perfect selection for Coastal or Boho style interiors where natural textures like jute are key to achieving the look.

2. Melba Designer Jute Rug

The Melba rug uses jute in a refined way, handspun beautiful pastel tones worked into a large abstract pattern, which would suit a Contemporary or Scandi style interior very well. We love the use of colour in this design, something unusual for natural jute rugs.

3. Borneo Jute Woven Rug Bleached

The Borneo jute rug in the bleached variation is the perfect accompaniment to a coastal or Hampton's style interior. This beautiful lighter colour offering a cleaner look for a more refined interior but still with the ultimate natural texture appeal.

4. Argyle Diamond Weave Sand Rug

This stunning wool rug is soft underfoot, and has all the characteristics that natural wool has to offer being breathable, stain resistant, durable and warm. The soft colour and subtle diamond pattern make it a great addition to a Farmhouse or Scandi style interior.

5. Argyle Corniche Charcoal Wool Rug

This rug has a unique chunky woven pattern lending itself well to an Industrial or Farmhouse style interior. We love the natural colour variations of charcoal and grey in the wool not to mention the enduring qualities of wool make it extra appealing and well worth the investment!

6. Leilani Modern Wool Grey Rug

This hand tufted rug is a mix of 70% wool and 30% polyester combining the best of both materials to produce a cost effective textural rug in a soothing neutral grey colour. The ribbed pattern provides durability and tassels that extra detail making it suitable to many styles of interior such as Hamptons, Coastal, Scandi, Farmhouse or Industrial.

7. Isabella Marbled Ivory and Beige Braided Rug

This stunning ivory beige combination rug features intricate braided patterns showcasing the workmanship of skilled artisans. Perfectly suited to a coastal style interior and a neutral palette.

8. Alina Diamond Pattern Berber Wool Shag Rug

The Alina is a luxurious high and dense pile rug made of Berber style wool. We love the idea of sinking your feet into the soft fibres and reserving this for the master bedroom or a luxurious living room where you’ll want to walk barefoot all the time! Perfectly suited to Coastal luxe, Mid century modern or Scandi style interiors.

9. Moa Grey Herringbone Braided Wool Rug

Who doesn’t love a herringbone pattern? The generous tightly packed high pile wool fibres, dark marbled grey colour and neat herringbone weave are all reasons to love this natural wool rug! Suited to Hamptons, Farmhouse or Industrial style interiors, it is a true hand made delight.

10. Eboni Chunky Braided Jute & Cotton Rug

This chunky braided and woven jute rug has loads of texture and interest.  Made from eco friendly jute and cotton the natural colour variations add to its unique appeal making it completely suited to a Boho, Coastal or Farmhouse style interior.

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