Invest in the Little Things – Interior fixtures and handles

Invest in the Little Things – Interior fixtures and handles

Hardware. It’s such a small element to consider it may often get overlooked. But hardware can really bring a look to life, enhance and define a style. It is the icing on a cake or the jewellery to an outfit so to speak. The last items you put on to impress before you go out!

Someone once told me that you should invest in the things you touch every day.  Door handles, cabinet hardware, taps and mixers are things we touch multiple times a day and are a relatively small cost, but provide bang for their buck. They also contribute to creating a pleasant user experience. 

Now I am definitely not a fashion brand shopper, I like budget friendly buys and will search near and far for just the right fit, cut, colour and price to suit my budget. But when I first heard this advice of investing in the things you touch, it was on my mind when I went shopping for a new purse. 

I use my purse all the time, I’m constantly getting it out to pay for things, show id, search for loyalty cards, or check my coins for a bakery treat. I’m going to spoil myself and get something that feels good I thought. Easy to access, enough card holders, good coin storage and versatile pockets but something smooth and soft to touch. I’m happy to spend a bit more than usual because It I use my purse all the time and I want it to be an enjoyable experience. 

I ended up buying a beige coloured soft leather folded purse with a delicate floral pattern etched into the front. It’s natural worn leather and delicate carved design feels amazing to touch, a sensory delight!

It’s little things like this that can be a comfort on a bad day. Touch is a sense we are not always aware of its impact on us. Touch adds to an experience a sense of comfort, luxury, quality and connection to our environment. Think of new car interiors, the steering wheel, buttons, levers, seatbelts.. you can tell the quality from the touch.

So what should we be investing in for our home interiors? 

Door handles that feel good to touch, ergonomic shapes, no rough or sharp edges, styles that hide the mechanics, tapware that is easy to find the right water pressure, kitchen cabinet handles that won’t catch on your clothes, and fit your fingers comfortably.

Buying hardware won’t break the bank, but it will contribute dutifully to living in a home you love. So go out and test things before you buy, touch and feel to see if it feels of quality and has a good user experience.

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