Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Vintage Boho Style

Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Vintage Boho Style

What is Boho?

Boho style originated from the central eastern European region of ancient Bohemia, where Bohemian travellers were known for living free spirited artistic and nomadic lives. They were influenced by elements of various styles and cultures in their travels, therefore creating a unique and eclectic style based on a mis matched collectable culture. Fabrics, patterns, books, art, vintage pieces and travel memoirs all sit comfortably in Boho style.

Self expressive, free, vibrant colours and patterns are embraced in a nonconformist way. Natural materials and softer shapes feature in Boho style, mixing old and new pieces together.


Key elements to creating the boho style:

  • Layer with different natural textures
  • Bring the outdoors in with lots of plants
  • Display unique and personal items especially travel memoirs
  • Rich vibrant colours
  • Embrace layers of patterns and colours in cushions, rugs & linen
  • Choose natural materials like timber, twine, rattan, hessian, seagrass
  • Mix the old with the new. Vintage pieces to add character
  • Choose furniture with soft curves rather than square edges
  • Select art for cultural value, world, travel and religion anything goes


The Boho Colour Palette

A neutral warm beige is a great base for pops of pink, mustard, tan, ginger, yellow and teal. Choose more neutral colours to transform the look to Boho Chic!

Boho Patterns

Small to medium scale patterns, mix as many styles as you like, the more the merrier! Cultural patterns of the world are popular in boho style – morrocan, tribal, paisley and floral.

Does Boho sound like your style?

You can achieve this look with a Stylebox I.D. Boho Style Package for your home, which includes product selections in classic or deluxe budget options so you can mix and match and start decorating today!

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