Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Scandi Style

Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Scandi Style

What is Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian design emerged in the early 20th Century in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. It became known around the world during the 1950s for its simplicity, functionality & craftmanship.

Characterised by clean lines and minimal no fuss approach, Scandi style evokes a sense of calm, balance and connection with nature. This is achieved by using natural materials, filling spaces with natural light and building a soft natural colour palette.

Timber is featured heavily in flooring and furniture in a distinctive light Nordic tones of Ash, Beech, Pine and Oak.


Characteristics of Scandi Style:

  • Bright, light and open spaces
  • Warm and inviting but clutter free
  • Timber flooring in a light warm tone
  • Clean lines in furniture design
  • Connection to nature with indoor plants, large window openings and natural materials
  • Light neutral colours
  • Timber furniture in beech, ash, pine or oak
  • Plush sofas with tapered timber legs
  • Tactile natural fabrics like linen, jute, leather and rattan
  • Statement pendant lighting
  • Curved edges and organic shapes
  • Steel, brass or copper accents
  • Artworks as focal points in a minimalist space

The Scandi Colour Palette

A base palette of whites and soft greys with feature colours in light pinks, peach, blue or mustard

Scandi Patterns

Clean lines in patterns weather it be slim stacked rectangles, geometric hexagons or circles and arches. Triangles, zig zags and diamonds in repeated patterns are also popular in Scandinavian design.

Whatever it may be, try to pick your favourite scandi inspired shape and don’t mix and match too much or the simplistic style will be lost with patterns competing against each other.

Does Scandi sound like your style?

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