Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Mid Century Modern Style

Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Mid Century Modern Style


What is Mid Century Modern Style?

The term mid-century modern refers to the design movement between 1945 – 1975 defined in the  United States and first recognised by Cara Greenberg in her book ‘Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s’ in 1983.

After WWII there was an urge to build more modern affordable homes, and spaces were quite small hence there was a need to design chairs that could fit into different spaces. Therefore furniture design played a large role in defining the mid century modern look of clean lines, gentle corners and organic shapes.

Interiors take on a functional and minimal style, mixing materials with a modern and retro feel.

Bold and playful colours such as orange, yellow, blue, green are used in combination with neutrals to give a fresh vibrant edge to the style.


Characteristics of mid century modern style:

  • Understated minimal look
  • Designer look furniture with clean rounded shapes and metal hairpin or tapered wooden legs
  • Large statement art in abstract style with simple lines
  • Invest in statement furniture pieces and minimise décor items
  • Timber featured in flooring, furniture and joinery in mid – dark brown tones especially Teak
  • Choose solid colours rather than patterns in vibrant shades of blue, green, yellow, orange
  • Embrace a mix of materials like timber, marble, plastic, metal, glass, leather
  • Elegant lighting choices featuring clean lines and curves for pendants and floor lamps
  • Mix vintage pieces with modern designs
  • Embrace velvet fabrics and marble textures

The Mid Century Modern Palette

White, green based neutrals, brown, olive green, deep blues and turquoise, orange and mustard yellow.

Mid Century Modern Patterns

Terrazzo, geometric patterns; especially with curves, hexagons, diamonds, breeze block style patterns and marble.

Does Mid Century Modern sound like your style?

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