Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Coastal Style

Interior Design Guide to Achieving a Coastal Style

What is Coastal Style?

Coastal style fundamentally influenced by the beach and the ocean. It’s relaxed vibe can make you feel like you’re on a summer holiday all year round.

Abundant natural light is an essential element to creating a coastal feel, so maximising the amount of light in a room is essential to achieving a look that feels bright and crisp.

All materials, textures and colour palette are taken from the beach, with key features being crisp whites, layered blues, timber and natural materials like linen, rattan and jute.


Key elements to creating the coastal style:

  1. Bright and crisp spaces with generous amounts of natural light
  2. White walls to reflect light and open up the space
  3. Embrace natural materials such as light oak timber and rattan for furniture pieces
  4. Style with nature inspired décor made from jute, linen, cotton, bamboo, timber, leather, seagrass, rattan
  5. Relaxed style furnishings like curtains, and throw blankets and jute rugs
  6. Basket style pendant lighting in natural materials
  7. Natural pieces like coral, driftwood, dried grasses or palm fronds
  8. Predominantly whites and neutrals with pops of beach inspired colours in blues, greens and sandy beiges.

The Coastal Colour Palette:

Whites on whites. Shades of the beach like sandy beige, pale blues, sea green or deep ocean blue are your go to feature colours.

You can choose to go cool and mix with light greys and shades of blue or choose warm whites and accent with neutral beige and darker blues.

Pale shell like shades of colours like pinks and peach will also work as accent colours but keep it predominantly in whites and neutrals for that soft relaxed coastal feel.



Coastal Patterns:

Natural botanical patterns like palm leaves, organic curves, woven patterns, stripes or fishscales work well to emphasise the coastal style.



Does Coastal sound like your style?

You can achieve this look with a Stylebox I.D. Coastal Style Package for your home, which includes product selections in classic or deluxe budget options so you can mix and match and start decorating today!


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