Curves in Design

Curves in Design

Nature has always been the biggest influence of design, therefore it's no surprise that over these last couple of years of being locked up in our homes, interior design has played an essential role in connecting us to nature and balancing out our lives.

Our longing to connect with the outside world and delight in nature is evident in the colours and choice of materials we have been drawn to using in our homes.

Curves have had a huge resurgence in popularity, as they create a restful, calming aura that we associate with being in nature. And no wonder, as nature is full of organic shapes; weathered stones, rolling hills, winding waterways, right down to the leaves on every tree.

In interiors we can find curves in archways, basins, tapware, mirrors, coffee tables, lighting and feature tiles, dinnerware and more.  Curves can be found anywhere!

Selecting a couple of key pieces in soft curves and transform the whole look of a space. Replace a square side table with round, add a circular rug and style with an organic shaped flower vase and monsteria leaf. Voila!

Have fun incorporating this trend into your home and embrace the curves!

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