5 Tips For Choosing The Right White Paint For Your Home

5 Tips For Choosing The Right White Paint For Your Home

If you’ve ever had to choose a paint colour before you will know that it can be a very frustrating experience!

You finally think you’ve found the perfect colour, only to paint some on the wall and it looks completely different to the sample chip. Everything you try is just not quite right!

Trips back and forth to Bunnings, piles of paint chips, sample pot after sample pot, it’s enough to drive any home renovator crazy!

Whites and neutrals can be the hardest to get right, with undertones that throw blue or appear yellow in certain lights or different times of the day, it’s almost impossible to get it right on your own!

In saying that, here are 5 simple tips to guide you on choosing a white paint that works for you.

#1 Compare & Contrast

Always compare your whites to a colourless white like Dulux Vivid White. It has no undertones, no hints of anything it’s a pure white and will act as a palette cleanser when you are looking at your whites or colour chips together. It will be much easier for you to see any subtle undertones in the colours you are considering by comparing to the colourless white.

#2 Decide on Cool or Warm White

Cool whites have blue or grey undertone and can be effective in rooms that get a lot of sun to counteract the heat.  Cool whites suit contemporary, light filled coastal and minimalist homes well, creating a fresh look and feel. Be careful of using cool tones in south facing rooms though as they can  feel cold and even unwelcoming.

Warm whites have subtle peach, pink or yellow undertones and they give warm welcoming vibes for your home. Warm whites work well if you have a lot of natural materials like timber and rattan or are renovating a more traditional style home. Also suitable for farmhouse, Scandinavian and vintage boho styles which are known for their warmth and affinity for natural materials.

Think about the other colours you have in flooring, furniture and décor and this will give you an indication of which way to lean to. Once you have established what your preference is, paint brochures and fandecks will also group whites into categories of cool and warm, so this will help narrow down the options and not feel so overwhelmed.

#3 View In Situ

It may be obvious, but it’s really important to view the colours in the actual room you are going to paint it in. This is because the amount of natural light, the colour reflection from the flooring or items in the room, even the light bulbs you are using all contribute to how the colour shows up when painted.

If you are painting externally, then go outside and view your samples in the natural light, on a sunny day, a cloudy day and at different times of the day.  Colours will appear much brighter outside and you may need to select a tone or two darker, especially if you are painting large amounts in a white colour, to avoid the potential glare factor.

#4 Tone Your Trims

Skirtings, doors and architraves should be painted either the same colour as your walls but in gloss/semi gloss OR go a lighter version of your white wall paint, for example, a half or quarter strength. This will keep your palette harmonious by not introducing new undertones.

#5 Try Before You Buy

Don't make the mistake of picking a colour from a swatch and buying a full 10 or 15L tin. Buy a sample pot and paint large patches on the wall to get as much of an idea as you can what the room would look like completely painted.
Apart from the orientation of the room, time of day, the amount of natural light and the reflections of other colours in the room, the white you choose will also look different with one, two or three coats. It's also a good idea to leave it for a couple of days and go back to it with fresh eyes and see if you still like it.

If you’re still struggling and need a trained eye to give you advice on what white works best for your home, take a look at our selections packages where you will receive a full spreadsheet of furniture, fittings, décor, lighting, and flooring along with a curated selection of paints (whites and colours!) in a design style that suits you. This is the most easiest and painfree way to pick paint that is guaranteed to work for your home.

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